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5 Voice Qualities to Consider

  • Acting
The ability to convey the message of your brand.  To tell your story. You need someone w/ the ability to act.  Everything you bring to the table, whether a commercial, documentary, video narration, etc., you need a top-shelf storyteller that can bring attention and life to your copy. You need someone that has the experience in acting and life to hit those elements and make them ring true to your clients.
  • Naturalness
Your message/branding is important.  Therefore, a naturalness in vocal quality, strength and read is necessary.  The proper inflection and stress points that come naturally in conversation.  Whether it be a bold announcement, or maybe a best friend talking over a cup of coffee.  To make your story feel natural is ultimately what it is about.
  • Pro Audio
A broadcast quality sound is needed to effectively communicate your message and story.  Top quality audio is an essential ingredient for that message to be conveyed to your audience without distraction, and with clarity.  An Auralex treated acoustic WhisperRoom studio.  The world's finest microphone--the very essence of what you are saying, delivered via a Neumann U-87.
  • Articulateness and Clarity
A distinct, clear and creative delivery brings the attention of your audience into focus, and exactly where you need them.  A voice-over talent that is naturally articulate and clear, means that it will take less time for them to deliver the lines in a strong and understanding manner.  One that will get your audiences attention.
  • Genuine Interest
All of these are important in a voice-over.  However, something that is truly important, is someone with a genuine interest in you as a person and the story you are trying to tell.  At the end of the day, they want you happy to where you get what you want, so that they can get what they want.  All of the education and equipment in the world cannot fake that.  Either they have integrity and interest in what you need or they don't.
Connor Quinn can bring your project to life!  He has a wide range of voices and sounds to tell your story!  He's been doing that for over 25 years!  Click now to see what your copy has been missing!  The pro sound of award winning voice talent, Connor Quinn.
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